Meet the Illustrator

IMG_3897Ida Gustavsson created the artwork for Valentine and the Magic Potion. She lives in Sweden with her husband, new baby and two cats. From the moment she could pick up a pencil, Ida loved to draw. She and Jessica worked closely together to bring the illustrations of Valentine and his friends to the page. Jessica had a clear vision of what she wanted and was keen to make a real fairy tale book with an illustration at the beginning of every chapter. Fortunately, Ida was skilled at transforming the author’s ideas into pictures.

‘I remember the first time Ida showed me her drawing of Valentine,’ says Jessica. ‘It’s amazing when an artist brings the writer’s description to life. When I saw the sketch of my little boy angel, I got goose bumps. “You really exist!” I said to Valentine. It sounds silly, but I even waved to him. Ida later gave me the painting. It’s on the wall in my office so I can see Valentine every day when I write.’

Ida is busy working on more illustrations for the next book in the Valentine series.