Meet the Author

pressbild-Jessica-633x1024Jessica Hardiman is a Swedish children’s author born and raised on the westcoast. She now lives in Gothenburg in southern Sweden with her daughter (who sings Emily’s song), son and Teddy the cat.

Jessica began her career in screenwriting and production in Ireland before returning to her native Sweden and embarking on the creation of Valentine the Love Angel. Weary of the many children’s stories dealing with themes of horror and violence, she wanted to introduce a positive character in the form of an angel whose mission is to spread love on earth. Jessica believes that young children are surrounded by tragic world events and need instead inspirational stories. Valentine is a happy hopeful character, encouraging children to believe in themselves and their dreams.

The idea of a boy angel came to Jessica when she was just twelve years old and experiencing similar feelings to the character of Emily about her parents’ divorce. Jessica also used to tell the story of an angel observing the earth from above to comfort her five-year-old son on the subject of death. The idea of an angel inventing a love potion to help troubled mankind appealed so much to her children that she decided to develop the story further.

Jessica’s cast of characters – Valentine, Emily and the mischievous cat Teddy – have become much loved in Sweden. Jessica is also writing two more books about the further adventures of Valentine for Swedish and English readers.