About the Book

svan_revValentine and the Magic Potion is the story of Valentine, a brave little angel who dreams of a life helping others. When he spies Emily, a young girl who is unhappy because her parents are always arguing, he flies down to earth for the first time with a magic love potion. But to Valentine’s horror, all his plans go wrong when the potion proves to be poisoned. As punishment he loses his wings and is cast out of heaven. His adventures begin as he falls to earth and enters the human world.




The appeal of the Valentine books lies in the following:kvällsläsning valentin

  • the chapters are short, making it easy for young children to read themselves or to be read out aloud
  • the humour can be appreciated on two levels, by both adults and children
  • colourful and attractive illustrations accompany each chapter, encouraging reading
  • the themes conveyed are positive and reassuring